X-mas T-shirts for a good cause!!

Subject: Special offers for Christmas - THTC and The Big Issue Hi THTC Crew! We have tied up a deal whereby we donate over £4 of every t-shirt sold through our website directly to "The Big Issue" to help the UK's homeless. All you need to do is to use…Read More

Thank y'all and tears

My people, Time has finally allowed me the opportunity to reply to all of you who left a birthday greeting for me. The delay was unavoidable. Mid October everyone on my unit was told to be transferred and pack our properties. The RC building that housed CCR…Read More

Just one dollar for Kenny Zulu Whitmore

Dear freinds, supporters, Zulu recently filed his case in court; if all of you could spare him just one dollar on his ChipIn on http://freezulu.org it would help him a lot to further proceed. Thank you all in advance, The Zulu team

Zulu's birtday, buy a T-shirt!!

Dear friends and supporters, As I already told you: the ew Zulu T-shirts, designed by Thayen Rich, based on the designs of Obey are back on sale at http://www.thtc.co.uk/shop.php?p=product_detail&id=399. Part of the money will directly go to Zulu! Please…Read More

Regarding Zulu's T shirt

Dear friends, Somehow I don't seem to be able to post a pic in this bulletin, so I will paste it onto Zulu's Facebook profile. T-shirts can be seen on his wall pictures as well. http://freezulu.org http://thtc.co.uk/

Apologies to all my female supporters.

My female friends/supporters, Recently it was brought to my attention that a piece from my journal over 2009 might have been offensive to some females or to that individual female I was speaking about. I elaborated in my journal on a subject some guys in…Read More

7 days from Zulu's journal over 2009

‎27 Aug. 2009 89 degrees at 12.40 a.m. For August it's mighty cool in here, but 90 seems cool to us since we are used to 110/ 112 degrees. But this weather is the bomb. Mother Nature must have lost her mind and I hope she doesn't find it back. Hum.…Read More
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