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X-mas T-shirts for a good cause!!

Subject: Special offers for Christmas - THTC and The Big Issue
Hi THTC Crew!

We have tied up a deal whereby we donate over £4 of every t-shirt sold through our website directly to "The Big Issue" to help the UK's homeless.

All you need to do is to use voucher code 'Big Issue' at the checkout of;THTC.CO.UK and we'll do the rest.

Alternatively, if you'd like to receive 15% off any order on the THTC website in December you can use voucher code 'Happy Christmas'.

If you spend £100 or more you can use voucher code '20% off' for, well, 20% off any order over £100.

We have new and reprinted designs available , including our 'Love God Hate Religion' design, printed in several colours for men and ladies. (Designed by Fybeone)

This might be a good one to wear at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve!

We will also be printing THTC favourite design 'Evil Mac' in new colours next week, as well as reprinting 'The Reapest', which sold out almost immediately. Both of these tees were designed by Mau Mau.

Take care for now!

THTC Crew..;

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