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Thank y'all and tears

My people,

Time has finally allowed me the opportunity to reply to all of you who left a birthday greeting for me. The delay was unavoidable.

Mid October everyone on my unit was told to be transferred and pack our properties. The RC building that housed CCR offenders became victim of governor Bobby ("boy wonder") Jindals budget ax. Jindal already gutteted higher education and medicare all over the state of Louisiana before then.

My self and 25 other people were transferred within Angola to the new DR building; my comrade Albert 'Shaka' Woodfox and others however were transferred to another plantation, way up (6 hour drive) in N. Louisiana.

I will miss dogging him out on the yard. Our brotherly love, friendship, comradery spans 33 years of struggle. I will miss just knowing that he is on another tier around the corner. I now have a real idea of how my ancestors on a plantation must have felt when a family member, a friend, a lover was sold off to another far off plantation. It hurts. 33 years is a long time, but likewise my ancestors I must dry my tears, hold my anger inside, keep my head up high. No matter the distance that seperates us we'll remain committed to fighting the injustice that binds us for life. And in the spirit of the Panthers we'll keep pushing!

Thank you all for your support, for being there, Zulu

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