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Apologies to all my female supporters.

My female friends/supporters,

Recently it was brought to my attention that a piece from my journal over 2009 might have been offensive to some females or to that individual female I was speaking about. I elaborated in my journal on a subject some guys in this environment were kicking about: the female c/o who is called 'lil butty' behind her back.

To this particular female and to others who might have found it offensive I humbly apologize. My mom didn't raise me in that manner, and although I am a grown man her teachings still persist to this day.

I feel that women are the Creator greatest gifts to mankind - without women there wouldn't be men. All females are beatiful regardless of proportions.

To the woman,mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, friend, lover, without you we are nothing.

All my love, Zulu

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