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7 days from Zulu's journal over 2009

‎27 Aug. 2009 89 degrees at 12.40 a.m.
For August it's mighty cool in here, but 90 seems cool to us since we are used to 110/ 112 degrees. But this weather is the bomb. Mother Nature must have lost her mind and I hope she doesn't find it back. Hum. Peace!

‎28 aug. 09
Good news. I got the visiting form today where they put Parnell on my list. And they also approved a visit from M. for Sept. 13th. Allahu Akbar. But I haven't received the one for BJ. yet and this makes me nervous. The back ground check, wow. I am not going to trip, I will put the brother on my list when October comes. Power!

‎‎29 Aug. 09 - 89 degrees
Well, L. moved off the tier. We had a few words, but he went to tripping so I let him know under no cicumstances I was going to let him interrupt my day. L. killed 6 people, he's just mad. He has been here since 1962, got all of his teeth and if you don't watch him he;ll hurt you. To those who know. Peace

30 Aug. 09 - 90 degrees
As Ramadan moves on I am growing stronger. I just drank 2 cups of tea this morning and it is 5.58 p.m. right now and I don't feel hungry - too many hungerstrikers for that. Sometimes I get very worried about Shaka, I saw him on the yard yesterday, head down. This waiting has taken a big toll on I never stood among the broken man, but I cannot say I am normal either in this insane world.

31 Aug. 09 - 88 degrees
20 captives were transferred to prisons across the state. Trying to keep so many older and sick men in one place and provide medication for them is killing LA's budget, so they are sending the sick and dieing out, so it won't look that bad. Every week 3 people die in prison hospital or drop dead ...from being mistreated or given the wrong pills. Dieing to tell, Zulu

‎Sept. 1st 2009
Ramadan is going rather smooth this time around. The meals are on time and they are hot. I will break my fast with a cup of hot tea and see what the meal will be. I am not hungy although I didn't at since morning. I will find out about the visit of BJ, man a sit down with him would be great. But??? FAITH...!!

‎2 Sept. 2009
This is a 15 man tier. There are 10 white guys and 5 of us. Whites are the majority in this building. After we fought, bled and suffered in the 70s to get contact visiing, hot n better food, fans etc. etc. now they send most black dudes to Hawk, Jaguar, or Camp C where one has nothing. ! fan in June-Sept. Here we have 5. During a contact visit one can sit down with family and friends, order food and eat together, visitors can use the bathroom at any time. But at Hawk, Jaguar and Camp C your visitors are stuck in a boot, no bathroom, no water, lights dimmed at all time. If oone has to be in solitary this is the better place, but it's still prison. And hard to escape.....

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