Health for Humanity partners with local institutions worldwide, providing health development assistance to communities in need. Its aim is to make a unique contribution to global health development.

It is time for all of my friends to put their money where my mouth is!!!! I have been chatting up the fact that I am about to run the Portland Marathon (26.2 miles) on October 4th and I would like to take this opportunity to raise some funds for a very worthy and noble organization-Health For Humanity, based out of Chicago, IL.
I have had the pleasure and great honour of serving Health For Humanity for close to 17 years in its pursuit of improving the health of people and communities in need worldwide. This organization has made a huge impact on the lives of individuals, families, communities and nations through grassroots service (see their website at the web address below).
In an effort to raise funds for Health For Humanity, I would like to request that people pledge a certain amount of money per mile run by me during the marathon. Twenty-five cents per mile would be a $6.50 donation. Fifty cents per mile would be a $13 donation. A dollar per mile would be $26.00. Two dollars per mile would be $52.00...you get the point. I will post an update on how I did a day or two after the marathon in early October (after I recover...:-)
I will leave fulfillment of the pledge up to each of you and your impeccable intentions...:-) You can then make your donation directly on line at www.healthforhumanity.org/
Go to this website and click the "support us" tab on the top menue bar and then click the blue"give online" button......piece of cake!!!!!
In advance for any donations made to Health For Humanity, I thank you all.

1. Health for Humanity envisions a world in which all members of the human family ave the resources to address the health challenges of their communities

2. Health for Humanity works through partnerships with local institutions to identify health problems and plan and implement efective interventions.

3. Health for Humanity balances technical training with systematic incorporation of universal values through service-oriented leadership training.