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Establishment of Capt. James J. Corrigan Memorial Foundation

Thanks for all of your support!

Now that we have achieved recognition for my Father and the other retired members, we have begun the process of establishing a foundation to further preserve Capt. Corrigan's memory. We are discussing a kickoff event in the NY area either in early or late summer of 2011. The foundation will focus on children with terminal and life threatening illnesses. Both FDNY and civilian families will be considered. On 9/11, Capt. Corrigan was responsible for evacuating the WTC day care center before rushing back into the towers where he perished. No children died that day. Our theme of helping children in need is a continuation of Capt. Corrigan's efforts that day.

I will post more information as we decide on venues, etc. We will be seeking fundraising ideas and donations for a Chinese auction. Any donation ideas can be emailed to [email protected]

Thank You!!

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