Sample Letter

Hello all. And thank you so much for caring about this important issue. I posted yesterday the response I received from the Environment Minister who is going to help us fight this cause by urging the Canadian Criminal Justice Dept, as well as the Attorney…Read More

Our Cause Being Heard by Federal Government

Hello all. Just wanted to pass along a bright beacon of hope. After writing the Hon. Jim Prentice, I received word back from his representative, saying that they will be sending this story directly to the attention of the Justice Department of Canada, as well…Read More

Boys Father Offers Shady Alibi for his Accused Son

Police say a shortage of witnesses has left them unconvinced that the Newfoundland boys accused of chasing a young moose to exhaustion in Deer Lake, N.L., on Monday actually did it. And the father of one of the boys has offered an unusual alibi for them: he…Read More

Moose Chased To Exhaustion, Beaten By Boys

A young moose in western Newfoundland had to be shot by wildlife officers on Monday after being chased to the point of exhaustion and beaten with sticks by three boys on bicycles. Police said they got a call Monday afternoon after a young moose collapsed in…Read More
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