25th Anniverary; Agape Celebration & Ground Breaking Ceremony

Tribe, In exactly about four days time, the 25th Anniversary celebration of Christ Love Fellowship, as well as the annual Agape Celebration would commence in OAU! It is equally expected that the ground breaking (i.e. foundation laying for the Building)…Read More

CLF - A reflection of a Love that would not Let me go!

Tribe, Honestly this 25th Anniversary calls for a deep reflection, appraisal and strategic planning for the future of CLF (say, another 25years at the minimum). What are the achievements honestly speaking? Are these achievements enduring? I will say…Read More

Gratitude - CLF 25th Anniversary!

Love Tribe, “Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.” - [Authur unknown]...i am grateful for to CLF for fortifying my Christain virtues...moreso as the fellowship celebrates its 25th Anniversary 24th - 30th May, 2010! Have redeemed or started redeeming…Read More

We have Less than 100 days to CLF 25th Anniversary - We need to start reedming our pledges!!!

Love Tribe, We have less than 100 days to the 25th Anniversary of CLF and the fellowship is without a place of worship…are we all going to congregate in an open field with “red soil”? God forbid…. For those in Nigeria once again, details are – Bank:…Read More

For Those in Nigeria

Love Tribe, Welcome to the new month of February! May God surpass all our Godly expectations in Jesus' name. For those of us in Nigeria, we can redeem our pledges by transferring into the above account. Bank: Sterling Bank A/c Name: Christ Love Fellowship…Read More

Calling all UK Alumni

Hello All, an email was sent out a few minutes ago to the UK (CLF) Alumni. If you are in the UK, and did not receive the mail, please let me know, and I will add you to the distribution list. The text of the email is below: “O LORD our God, as for all this…Read More


Hello All, I trust you are all well. We are living in history and I am humbled by the wonderful opportunity we have to be part of the generation that will be celebrating the Silver Anniversary of Christ Love Fellowship. You all represent people I know who…Read More
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