Suit filed in federal court for psychotropic drug abuse of inmate in Cook County jail

Federal 1983 suit by Dr. Linda Shelton against Cook County, IL in a Monell claim for a policy of illegally drugging inmates with psychotropic drugs, and against Officers Ruiz, Levy, and Connally for battery, excessive force, emotional distress, due process…Read More

I have picked one of what will be several beneficiaries

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture is a worthy organization that agrees that torture of prisoners with psychotropic drug abuse, with humiliation, with mental abuse such as sleep deprivation, threatened violence, solitary confinement and sensory…Read More

Write to object about denial of mental health care to Medicaid pts in IL

Please help fight denial of mental health care to persons on Medicaid in Illinois in a scheme by the Illinois government to misinterpret law by declaring that NO non-physician can provide mental health services fee-for-service to Medicaid and NOT privately…Read More
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