Where we are and where we are headed...

As of this week, we have completed our application for charitable status and registration as a non-profit corporation. This is a major milestone. We will soon be able to give receipts for donations, and actively fundraise towards our goal of reducing shelter…Read More

Our Successful Rescue!!!

Last March, we alerted you to the plight of a feral cat colony in residence at Bath Medium Security Correctional Institution, in Bath, Ontario. At that time, the prison administration was in the process of eliminating the colony despite protests from inmates…Read More

Success for the start of our venture!

Hello everyone I just wanted to let you know about the success of our first spay/neuter venture with the Bath Corrections Feral Cat Colony. Last Thursday, March 31, we arrived at Bath Institution with a rented panel truck and an assortment of medium to…Read More

Support The Bath Institution Feral Cat Colony

This Wednesday, March 31, a cooperative effort between Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative and Lennox and Addington Feline Fixers will begin a T/N/V/R program for a colony of feral cats at Bath Correctional Institution. The cats have been befriended and cared for…Read More

Petition to allow the Feral Cats to Stay at Bath Correctional Institute

Please sign the petition below to allow the colony to continue as a managed feral group at Bath Institution. I would ask that you please cross post this petition everywhere you can. We have received attention from around the world on this issue. Let`s work…Read More

IMPORTANT!!!! Correction to Warden's contact

Some people have told me that the email address for Warden Vrieswyck is incorrect. We now have his address and fax number so please feel free to fax your concerns. If you live in Kingston and can contact me at home, I will fax your letter for free. My phone…Read More

Cats at the Bath Correctional Institution

Some of you may already be aware of this story. A colony of stray cats developed at the low-medium security institution out in Bath, Ontario. In February, the prison administration stated that, despite protestations by staff and inmates, the cats were going…Read More
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