Always give thanks

Sometimes when the devil is giving you a hard time and you just don't know what to do, it can be spiritually, financially, family problems (the devil has alot of outlets). It makes you start questioning God. "What have I done wrong, Am I really saved, Why…Read More

Prayer Needed

I would like everyone to pray for Sherman Cain as he is having very serious brain surgery. I have known Sherman for years and I can say a lot of good things about him but today I just ask each of you to pray for his healing and ask God to comfort his wife…Read More

Prayer Needed.

Dear Congregation, As many of you know Beauford Mabe was in the hospital over the weekend for a Gall Bladder removal surgery. While there biopsies were done on suspicious areas of his liver. Unfortunately, those biopsies have show that Brother Mabe has a…Read More


Please pray for Jeanie Darnell who will be havinga heart catherization tomorrow. Also, remember Josephine Woody who is in Charleston, West Virginia awaiting surgery to put stints in her heart. My brother needs the favor of the Lord concerning a property…Read More

prayer request

Urgent prayer request: I know alot of yall can relate to this one: I have a 17 year old son that needs urgent prayer.He thinks he's all grown up and doesn't need anyone including God. He is a Christian actually he got saved before I did. Please pray for him…Read More

Johnny Merricks needs prayer.

Mary Beth Stiltner Just wanted you all to keep Johnny and Cindy in your prayers. He was admitted to UVA hospital yesterday. They took off 6 liters of fluid last night (remember, he had 12. 5 or so taken off at Bristol on Tuesday) and are doing test today.…Read More


Lisa Prater Miller asks Please pray for Andrea and her unborn baby. She is going to Lexington in the morning after the ultrasound showed the baby has a diaphramatic hernia. We anointed her belly with oil and prayed and now ask that everyone stand in faith…Read More
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