5301 Group

 We had the 67th Disabled Veteran come on board due to the  Courts CONSTANT MisApplication of Federal Law. I was the Co-Founder and the 2 of us wondered how BAD this Issue was. Well 65 have Found us. I BEGAN this Group to STOP the Discrimination of Disabled…Read More

Email to Representative & Senators

We need Email's, Phone calls, if possible a visit to your Senators and/or Your State Representatives on this Issue. Our List with in the EGroup now has over 60 Disabled Veterans working together to get this Issue out. Write your Local Newspaper, email or…Read More

California Passes HB 85

 Yes Califorina has Stepped to the Plate and Passed House Bill 85 that REINFORCES United States Code Title 38 Section 5301 (a) Drop your Senators and Representatives a Line or Call them. Ask WHY they can't Introducw an Identical Bill as California and give…Read More
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