emilys freind x

please would you join and show some support to emilys freind she is an 8yr old little girl, please click the link and join , thank you x http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=120431782141

emilys update

thursday 3rd september... Emily not been to good todayshes been through alot, was admitted last nite, her temp was still high today but still went for her lumber puncher, only to get in the anisthectic room and her wiggly (LINE) wouldnt work so she was put to…Read More

re nasty email about emily

wednesday 2nd september 09

daz says.......emily had a pretty active day seeing various visitors throughout the day.her health nurse came today, helen,a very nice woman and emily seemed to like her.andrea and emily got ready and went upto bed and andrea kissed her on the head and…Read More


hello everyone just a quick note, emily has gone back into hospital with her mum and dad , she has a really high temperature, they think she may have infection, thank you all for your continued support for this speacial family, it means so much to them , lucy…Read More


30th august.daz says...... emilys had a very quiet day today.only one visitor which was her friend storm steele from kickboxing.rest of the day has been pretty ordinary.had a nice relaxing sunday dinner and emily ate very well.she is being so brave about…Read More
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