Betty White's Birthday Wish ♥ Support Morris Animal Foundation

Golden Girl's Betty White is celebrating her 91st birthday on Causes! For her birthday, she is asking supporters to donate to the Morris Animal Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing veterinary medicine for companion animals and wildlife.…Read More


Good early morning to you all! I have recently discovered that somewhere in the recent past (like 2007 or '08 or something like that) the military's position on MWD's has changed for the better! No longer are they seen as surplus, according to some of the…Read More


To every one that has been kind enough to support my Facebook page about ending the practice of euthanizing MWD's (Military war Dogs): Wonderful news! I jut checked in for my own update and our numbers are up now to 253 members! I think that's GREAT folks!!!…Read More

195 People Show Their Support of Military War Dogs!

Everyone, Firstly, I hope I'm doing this right -- that means that I hope by doing bulletins that I'm reaching every single person that has joined this cause and supported it since I created it. If I am reaching everyone, I want to thank you for your support.…Read More

Touching on all things GSD and MWD in the media

Just to update everyone: Guys, as you probably know, FB has been screwy off and on for some of us users for a while now (months and months) and I'm shocked to see that I'm just now discovering letters and notes some of you supporters of MWD's have left for…Read More


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