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Good early morning to you all!
I have recently discovered that somewhere in the recent past (like 2007 or '08 or something like that) the military's position on MWD's has changed for the better! No longer are they seen as surplus, according to some of the good folks at Lackland. MWD adoptions continue to be funneled through Lackland and if folks there are telling me correctly then the days of euthanasia and necropsy for K-9 soldiers is OVER!
I'm thrilled with this news and certainly I hope you are too! Thanks to everyone who joined this cause and spread the word. It is hard and difficult for people that see the value of our K-9 friends to conceive that they were once left behind on fields of war, abandoned and at times viewed as simply, 'surplus', but hopefully this is evidence that we are getting better and progressing, not regressing. AWESOME!
Have a great day and GOD BLESS!


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