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To every one that has been kind enough to support my Facebook page about ending the practice of euthanizing MWD's (Military war Dogs):

Wonderful news! I jut checked in for my own update and our numbers are up now to 253 members! I think that's GREAT folks!!! Just so you all know what my next move is: I intend to find a way to try and get 'signatures' on a petition that I can post on Facebook. Once I get the typed 'signatures' from you guys that care about these soldiers (and hopefully others too) I intend to get that petition to congress and specifically the congressman specifically tied to the issue of MWD's -- their allocation, deployment issues and the issue of euthanasia.

I know that you don't hear from me every flippin' day folks but believe this, the MWD page here is a cause that I refuse to let go of, I refuse to stop fighting this particular fight. We owe them too much and in fact, if you guys can talk to soldiers they'll tell you that they, too, owe those K-9 soldiers a great deal. In many cases, they owe them their very lives.

I intend to continue to keep my finger on the pulse of issues like 'Are the K-9's being fitted routinely for ballistic vests and if need be, eyewear?'. I think it has been a slow learning process for some but I am finally getting some to understand that I am a pleasant but very deliberate, highly focused, noisy wheel, LOL!

For those that don't know, we are getting closer to the day when this practice of euthanasia and necrospsy mandated by the D.o.D. will terminate. If you would be so kind, please hang in there with me. Just keep on keeping on ok? what I humbly ask of you is that if you have not shared this page or cause with others on your friends list, please do, and bear in mind that while the human soldiers have representation (albeit woefully short of the mark at times) the K-9 soldier has none in ANY official capacity. I cannot be certain, but I *think* I'm safe to say that right now about all they have is us. So, FB is being used for good. Progress is in fact slow here gang, but its steady and I am unrelenting.

Thank you very, very much for sharing this cause in the past and please feel free to make as many aware as you'd like. It can only help this cause, ok?

God be with you and yours until we talk again,


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