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195 People Show Their Support of Military War Dogs!

Firstly, I hope I'm doing this right -- that means that I hope by doing bulletins that I'm reaching every single person that has joined this cause and supported it since I created it.

If I am reaching everyone, I want to thank you for your support. I never, ever thought that I would get 195 people that cared about this issue as much as I do. You guys are awesome!

The thing I like about our cause is it doesn't ask for money (which a lot of them do).

I understand that some causes need that so I'm not slamming them but I think that the fact that all we do is ask people to fire an email off to their congressman or senator is a plus because most people don't mind doing that and that's understandable.

I hope all who have joined this cause have written their congressional and senatorial leaders to express their opposition to euthanizing these K9 war veterans. The more the Dept. of Defense understands that American people see and understand the disconnect between utilizing the K9 vet as a soldier but terminating his life instead of attempting to provide some retirement for that soldier, the more likely we are too see a difference in how they're treated.

K9 veterans save countless lives everyday in the current theater of war and truthfully, much like the daily IED incidents and firefights, it goes unreported. To my memory, the last time anything was mentioned re: a K9 vet was the story of one where he and his handler, a young Marine, had been involved in an IED detonation. The Marine was unfortunately killed, but his K9 never left his side. So committed was the K9 Marine that the other members of the fallen young man had difficulty getting to his lifeless body to retrieve him and get him and the K9 to safety because the dog wouldn't let any one near the young Marine. After getting the situation under control and retrieving both Marines, it was found that the K9 had also taken multiple hits from shrapnel. Yet, he wouldn't leave his handler's side. How honorable and loyal is that? Initially, the K9 was considered for euthanasia and necropsy but thankfully, the young Marine's family in Kansas wanted to try to incorporate the K9 Marine into their family because they so appreciated his dedication to their family member. I'm happy to write that after I Googled this story to death I found that the family and the K9 are doing very well. The MWD incorporated seamlessly into his former handler's family and the family reported that by way of having the K9 they felt like they had a piece of their loved one back home with them.

Although war is unfortunate any time it happens, interaction between handler and K9 occurs every day creating that deep, undeniable bond; the unbelieveable loyalty on the field of war and conflict. I, for one, am thankful that our service men and women have such a devoted and capable soldier by their side. For me, to have come from a military family and history, the contribution that a K9 veteran has paid to help secure our freedom and way of life, our culture, is invaluable. Similarly, the contribution that every one of you has made by joining this simple Cause and having your voices of opposition heard is invaluable not just to me, but to the K9 service member as well.

I thank you very much.



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