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Touching on all things GSD and MWD in the media

Just to update everyone: Guys, as you probably know, FB has been screwy off and on for some of us users for a while now (months and months) and I'm shocked to see that I'm just now discovering letters and notes some of you supporters of MWD's have left for me. I am SO SORRY. I'm not receiving a LOT of notifications that I should be and it does no good to report anything apparently.
If you want or need to communicate with me please don't hesitate to email me! That way, I'll be sure to get it! Also, recently I've been afforded the opportunity to take the MWD / GSD cause to the media. I'll be writing for an online newspaper called The Examiner.

This column will address all things regarding German Shepherd Dogs and the MWD effort from time to time. My hope is that it will be lively and informative, educational and so on. I will do my best. I'd like to ask you guys for your support on this and all that means is to wish me luck and if you want to see something covered email me and let me know and hopefully you guys will read it. Its online and its free :)

Here's my email if you guys need or want to contact me for anything: [email protected].
and here is the link for the upcoming articles:



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