Donate old airline miles to the Make a Wish Foundation or any charity you support and help people travel when they are not able to financially able to do so.

In a period of economic hard times, we might have to be able to donate as much to our favorite charities. This is understandable, but there are other ways we can give. Aside from vounteering your time to service projects of your choice, please consider the following idea. Recently, I went through all of my frequent flier accounts and realized I had a total of 30,000 miles on airlines I would likely not fly again in the near future. Some of these were even going to expire. I donated all of these to a charity which flies terminally ill children to Disney World, allowing them to fulfill a dream. Please consider doing the same. It will only take a few minutes of your time to look for your old frequent flier cards (numbers) and contact the airline to make the donation. If you typically do not bother collecting frequent flier miles for certain airlines, please sign up and do so...then you can donate these miles.

ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP! All miles are pooled together, so you do not need to donate enough for a single flight...even 500 miles helps.

Please forward this message to everyone on your mailing list and here on Facebook. It will not take much time and is a very worthy cause. You can choose any charity you wish...and there is typically a list available with most airlines.

Once again, please take the time to do this...imagine if it was your child in need.

Also, please consider fowarding this to your employer. They might also have available miles in greater amounts.

Have a blessed day!

Scott Goyette

1. Donate old miles before they expire. This will only take minutes of your time and could change someone's life.

2. Be sure to sign up for Frequent Flier Accounts with every airlines you fly on (even airlines you will fly only once). Then donate the miles earned.