Respect Our NO Vote and Demand NMB Impartiality...Please sign and forward to others to do the same!

Interesting Interference information.

The Following information was posted on a Pro Union Anti Delta site: Found on another site: Hi, There is a rumor out there that the NMB has closed all interviews of interference Of The Firm and flight attendants during the election. Not true! My interview is…Read More

And this sums it all up!

Recently Samuel Berry, who was a paid AFA campaigner, posted the following question to me on a Facebook page called Camp the Firm. The administrators of that site removed me from that page before I could respond to Samuel, so I've posted his question and my…Read More

NMB Investigation

As we know the National Mediation Board continues its investigation into Delta’s and the Association of Flight Attendants’ claims regarding last year’s election. Unfortunately, this just further delays a resolution to representation and keeps us from fully…Read More

The Second Union Lie You Must Know...Test Drive???

Union organizers like to minimize the risk in the minds of voters during an organizing campaign. One of the ways they do this is by offering "the test drive." They will tell employees to vote them in, try them out and if they don't get a contract they like…Read More

The First Union Lie You Must Know...You Can't Lose???

This one comes out in every campaign: A union is a "no lose" proposition. Weaker organizers just promise employees will get a big raise or improved benefits if they vote in a union. Smarter organizers (and the weaker ones when it becomes clear they are…Read More

Veda Shook Is No Friend, A Hypocrite!!!

Veda Shook is a slightly taller, perhaps thinner version of Pat Friend. When it comes to being a complete and utter hypocrite, she is exactly like her predecessor. Take, for instance, the drama unfolding at United and Continental. It seems that the…Read More
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