Progress Update - November 2011

Dear Supporters, In a month in which we've seen Egypt become a near democracy, and Italy a near dictatorship (at least I assume that's the correct parlance when an EU autocrat takes charge) I thought I'd also try and turn things on their head. So whilst I'll…Read More

Progress Update - December 2011

Dear Supporters, As the year meanders slowly to a close, I had time for just one race on the Christmas menu – a 33 mile trail run along the Dorset coast. It sounded like an idyllic little jaunt to finish the year off. It turned out to be about as pleasant as…Read More

Progress Update - October 2011 - Northern Edition

Eh up! How's tha doin'? There's just time before I go trick or treating to share my latest update… The start of the month took me to the county of my birth, Yorkshire. Now I should make it clear I’ve never owned a whippet or a flat cap, but technically I am…Read More

Progress Update - September 2011 - TOP GEAR SPECIAL

Dear Supporters, With just 87 shopping days left till Christmas (despite what the rising mercury would have us believe), it's time for another update... Just for a change I thought I'd try a shorter run to get the month going. So I entered the Spitfire 20 -…Read More

Progress Update - August 2011

Dear Supporters, August is traditionally as quiet as the Arsenal team bus following a trip to Old Trafford. There's a dearth of marathons with very few organised events. I suppose it has something to do with a lack of appetite to run during (supposedly) the…Read More

Progress Update - June / July 2011

Dear Supporters, It's been a while since my last update....sadly I fell into a coma whilst watching the 10o/c news a few weeks ago...the Euro's on the brink of implosion (even though the political motivated dreamers who brought it into being still haven't…Read More

Progress Update - Gavin & Stacey - COMPLETED

Dear Supporters, So a few days on and I’ve recovered enough composure to write about my recent ordeal. A promising start quickly turned sour and the ultimate outcome was a great disappointment…but enough about The Champions League final! While most sensible…Read More
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