Newly acquired intern to join the lionfish team

 Hi, The Roatan Marine Park has successfully gotten a new intern with an animal biology background and lab research experience who will help the small team on Roatan by researching the lionfishs' impact to the reef and keeping the international organizations…Read More

Please donate money to support our work!

This cause, the lionfish program to protect the caribbean reef, was set up to spread awareness on the issue and to ask for any kind of financial support you are able to give. As of now, we are only getting $1,000 for the entire program on Roatan and maybe…Read More

Internship with the Roatan Marine Park

Anyone interested to do very new, ground breaking research on the lionfish's effect to the reef on Roatan: This would be an unpaid internship since the Marine Park has extremely limited funds (essentially no money to work with). Research on the lionfish to…Read More
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