save the region of Rosia Montana, the home of hundreds of people, great nature and cultural heritage

For some more detailed info, please go to one of the following links:

watch Euronews report on Rosia Montana - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQfdgEJ00oA

fact information sheet - http://www.ngo.ro/img_upload/17ef04f0530a65b2f4e73d9a4b5d99ea/rosia_montana_fact_sheet_engl_1.pdf

chronology 2002-2006 - http://www.rosiamontana.ro/img_upload/472936e3bca2bc61045730fbb1869240/cronologie_campanie_scurt.doc_aq_EN.pdf

1. stop the resettlement plan that will affect 740 farms and 140 apartments

2. stop the destruction of valuable historical and archaeological patrimony

3. stop the use of the cyanide leaching technology

4. stop the large scale extraction of gold via open cast mining