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Chicago Protest

The city of Chicago is giving me the run around on the permit I submitted over 2 weeks ago. We plan on still doing this irregardless and will be meeting up at Soldiers Field Gate 14 at noon. Please dont bring pets,we will be doing alot of walking as they cant…Read More

Contacts in Philadelphia

I am desperately seeking any and all contact info for anyone in the Philadelphia area. Especially the friends that attended the last protest. If you have any info, message me here or email me - [email protected] thanks a million! Peter C. Stuart, FL

Can you attend the Vick protest rallies???

If you can attend the Vick protest rallies at the stadium near you, please visit this page and contact your coordinator. Register on this page and then click "2009 Eagles Schedule" for details. Thanks, Peter…Read More

Post Protest Action

It was recently suggested to me by a friend here on Facebook that another great way to get our message across would be to volunteer at a local shelter. Instead of watching the game we could encourage people that really want to make a statement by going to…Read More

**Final Call for City Reps**

We are making one final call for anyone interested in helping organize a rally in your city. We especially need help in Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Houston. Being a rep will entail a little time and effort. You'll have to pick a location for the protest,…Read More


Dear Friends, I am currently working in a registration form where friends can submit their contact info in order to organize and coordinate our protest rallies and boycott efforts. At the moment there are many " loose groups " that are not tied together. If…Read More
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