We rescue Akitas and other large breed dogs from high kill shelters and find them forever families. We are these dogs' last hope!

Please help us to save the lives of beautiful Akitas and other large breed dogs! Most dogs only have a 10-15% chance of making it out of the shelter alive, and for big dogs and specific breeds of dogs that are discriminated against like Akitas, the odds are even worse. For just 5 dollars a week you can feed an Akita. For the cost of just one expensive coffee or a fast food sandwich you can help to save these dogs' lives. Please pledge your support! All we are asking is $5 a week, or about 70 cents per day. Could you give up a vending machine soda to save dogs lives? Just pennies a day can help if enough animal supporters will give them! THANK YOU FOR CARING!

1. Only Akita Rescue in Southern California. We are a small 100% no-kill 501c3 certified charity & have saved over 350 dogs.

2. We oppose breed specific laws and regulations. Discrimination is WRONG!

3. We want to stop puppy mills, pet stores and backyard breeders from profiting while shelter pets die.

4. See the orphaned dogs that need your help at http://www.apassionforpaws.org

5. We love all dogs but especially Akitas and BIG dogs!