Hi We have the option of moving forward with a small purpose built unit ( 4 beds to start) set in its own land in Paignton ......10mins via ring rd to hospital and 20 mins to school. There would be 4 ensuite bedrooms (bath and shower in each), light room,…Read More


today myself and other parents attended the care trust board meeting at Ashburton....we only found out about it by chance ( it seems they didnt want us there ) we made a strong case which was listened to. The outcome was that NO date was given for closing JPU…Read More

press coverage

more coverage today in the herald express read on line you can also make comments on the story here

radio devon

very good coverage this morning every half hour with our interviews please listen in on radio player if you missed it radio devon good morning devon. Story in herald express next week and tv interested as well .......... Next visit to PM in London ?


well lots of been happening we were gagged in a way by sitting on committees, but the process is over so we can talk. please listen to radio Devon tomorrow ( thurs 1th august ) morning between 6am and 9 am as we have recorded an up to date interview with all…Read More


well It seems that despite making the right noises about working together and no doing anything with out first speaking to parents we all received letters thismorning imforming us that JPU will close every monday and tuesday .....just the start as it makes it…Read More

john parkes unit

hi just a reminder there is a closed support group for all interested parties to join and see the latest info as it happens. There are things happening and you can read about it there. We need to keep the pressure on
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