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It Begins Today

The full Young Invincibles website launches today. Check it out.

We're pretty excited about our new look and feel. But this is about much more than a website. Today represents the beginning of our campaign. In the weeks ahead, we will educate young Americans about the health care crisis, grow our membership and share the stories of young people who have suffered needlessly and noiselessly at the hands of a system that does not work. And we will mobilize our generation to let Congress know that the time for health care reform is now.

Health care reform is on the ropes. The pundits and the town hall criers have gained the upper hand. It is time for the generation that fought for the "chance to make change" to be heard. Our work is not yet done.

We're ready to go. By the time the last votes in Washington are called, our voices will be heard.

Let's get to work.

Double Up:
How can you help the campaign today? Grab one friend this week, tell them what we're doing and get them to join us. It's time to spread the word.

Town Hall Survival Kit:
Heading to one of the remaining town halls? Worried that you might not know what to say in response to one of the town hall criers? We've got the answers you need. Check out our blog to get the scoop.

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