No money will be ask for...

Lagape to everyone of you... Lagape is cooperation, sharing, and caring for each other because we are so Precious, Fragile, Unique, Gifted, Creative... gods of God! Lagape! Lagape! Lagape!

I'm back and we are in a process of growth!

I want to say thank you for being apart of this Vision for our future. I the next weeks before the end of the year take a look a The LOVE Paradigm Daily Affirmation. Then ask yourself what I can do to make this a reality in my Life. Then we grow from there.…Read More

Small TLP Village

It's so good to see every one of you joining this cause. Please share this information with family and friends. We want to continue to influence more and more people that LOVE... is in the best interest of All of us. The LOVE Paradigm (TLP) Daily Affirmation…Read More

Discontinue for now

Discontinue for now

Thank you for Joining The LOVE Paradigm Daily Affirmation Cause

The goal for 2010 is for each of us to bring one new member into the Cause by the end of the year. At this point if each of us in successful by the end of the year there could be 2884 members by December 31, 2010! Thank you for your participation, The LOVE…Read More

*Friendship Request from Kokayi Ufanifu / TLP Chief Coordinating Officer

Greeting All in the name of LOVE and TRUTH, I wish you all Good Health, PEACE and Prosperity for you and yours that are dear to you! *This is a simple message. Your Friendship is Requested since you have joined The LOVE Paradigm Daily Affirmation, if we do…Read More

What is The LOVE Paradigm?

The LOVE Paradigm is a Philosophy that Guides human thinking processes and behavior to create a positive and harmonious relationship between the world's peoples locally and globally which will allow them to work together in the various areas of people…Read More
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