SVE New Face

We moving forward....SitaRam Vision site is on volume 8 now!!! We re-organized the files and put them in 2 parts. First for beginners and children from 4-5 years and second part secondary, 6-7 years or for more fun! SVE education is pure find the…Read More

New Born Stars Future Humanity deserves SVE opening of Multi Dimensional Being!!!

SVE We are ready, we can give this Wisdom, so they can find their Knowledge of Totality!!! A full connected new view from the Seeds of Creation!!! Humanity IS a success!!!

SVE for who?

SVE for who? SVE Sitaram Vision Education is for young and old, for all on the Way doing evolution planet Earth!! Its about what we are (NRG), what this planet and body have similar (NRG) and what you come to do Here! Totally absent missing now in education,…Read More

about Multi Dimesional Being

This is not a written Sitaram Vision file, but i want to share this wisdom.. thank U Alice & Linda the complete text you find on the in the forum!!! The knowledge and talents of each child differs. They tend to speak in terms of…Read More


SVE Sitaram Vision Education Sita=female and Ram=male, the unity of Light we All are! Vision=the Unity of Evolution we All doing! Education= the wisdom of living it! Specialy for the New Born! The Crystal or Indigo Children!!! Thats why SVE as to Be their…Read More

Change for the NEW EDUCATION needs YOU!

Hello ALL supporters for the NEW EDUCATION.... The following I have written a while ago I would like to share the importants of the actual GROUND work with you! Change can happen on many levels .....yet it requires a MOVE;) For the EVOLUTION For the CHILDREN…Read More

13 moon re-form, connect yourself and your friends

 back to natural time!!! On the end of the Lunar Moon, day 27, rhythmic mirror! Follow the 13 moon module on the openingpage of SV! let the fun start!!!! please ask your questions!!! in lak'ech Baba D..Tanka Cause Creator
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