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Petition to End BSL in Ontario www.endtheban,ca


ATTENTION EVERYONE: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Over the past year, members of the Ontario Coalition Against Breed-Specific Legislation, and many individuals have been behind the scenes working hard to end Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario. Together with Ontario's new political champion against BSL, MPP David Piccini, our coalition, in partnership with other important organizations and key stakeholders, have created a new website, where it is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER BEFORE that you sign the petition, asking our government to repeal this archaic, ineffective, costly and discriminatory legislation. It takes only seconds of your time, you can sign regardless of where you are in the world, and you are helping to show our government that dogs like ours deserve breed-neutral laws, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION & then please SHARE and REPOST the link. The time is now. Thank you. #EndBSL #MyOntarioIncludesAllDogs #AllDogsMatter #EducateDontDiscriminate #BeTheirVoice

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