Save The Chatham_Kent dog Victims

We did it! Now paws crossed that the Judge will allow the motion to be presented in Court and give these victims a second chance at life and rehabilitation and the opportunity to know and experience kindness and compassion in a loving home.…Read More

Action Alert to save dogs seized from Chatham Ontario Dog Fighting Ring

On October 7th 2015 ,a dog-fighting operation in Chatham-Kent Ontario occurred 31 dogs were seized all "pit bull " Types. They are banned in Ontario. The OSPCA has filed application to have the dogs destroyed. Help us save the victims. Two Actions are now…Read More

Have a Heart Campaign to end BSL in Ontario Canada

ATTENTION FELLOW ADVOCATES FROM ACROSS CANADA AND AROUND THE WORLD. Our 2nd Annual Have a Heart Campaign is underway. Have a Heart is a global, all ages campaign and we are inviting you to participate. Our message to the Premier is clear: REPEAL…Read More

POLL regarding the Ontario "Pit Bull" Ban

Please participate in the attached *POLL* by voting and sharing. The link is provided. Thank you

Please support our Facebook Page dedicated to fighting BSL

Fighting to repeal BSL in Ontario Canada and globally. Please give us a "Like" and visit our Website as well at for further information.

Have A Heart Campaign

Our first annual “Have a Heart” Campaign is underway. This is a GLOBAL Campaign to repeal BSL in Ontario Canada. Asking everyone to join and participate in our Have a Heart Campaign. Please PRINT and SEND a Valentine Card to the Premier of Ontario,…Read More

Bill in Legislature would outlaw pit bull bans

Great News for our USA members. Please lets behind this lady and show our support. A state lawmaker has proposed a bill to undo breed-specific ordinances such as Yakima’s ban on pit bulls. The bill was pre-filed earlier this month by state Rep. Sherry…Read More
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