Free pit bull type dogs from discrimination and unjust profiling

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B.S.L (Breed Specific Legislation) restricts ownership of certain breeds of dogs. It is a form of racism that is put on dogs. B.S.L creates restrictions and regulations on one specific breed,most commonly the American Pit bull Terrier. This forces a dog owner to: -Keep their dog muzzled in Public at all times -Purchase insurance for the dog -Keep the dog on its owner's property at all times (no trips to the park, the store, etc.) -Keep the dog in a specific enclosure at all times. -Have their dog fixed and to never be breed.

Depending on your location, the restrictions vary.

This is unfair,unjust, cruel to animals and needs to be stopped.

Breed banning is not a solution to preventing dog bites or attacks. Education of child, parent, dog owner, and the public in general is key to reducing the number of attacks.


This is a global fight against BSL everywhere!...and this cause will endeavor to network within the dog owner community creating awareness and education on this subject and to fight to repeal BSL where ever it exists.

In Canada, The first-ever province-wide ban on pit bulls took effect Monday August 29th 2005 in Ontario when whipped into Legislation by the Ontario Liberals. The ban makes it illegal to breed pit bulls in Ontario or bring the dogs into the province. Whats even worst, All Dogs and Puppies born after Nov. 27, 2005 must be put down.

In Ontario we want to thank MPP Cheri Di Novo for initializing putting forth "Hershey's Bill" to the Ontario Legislature MPP Randy Hillier and we ask you to contact your MPP and support Hershey's  Bill 112  to repeal BSL in Ontario.

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Show Your Support and Help us STOP THE MADNESS OF BSL worldwide.

1. Education NOT Discrimination!

2. Promote Responsible Dog Ownership

3. Eliminate Breed Specific Legislation

4. End the Profiling of Dogs Based on Appearance

5. Promote Intelligent Dog Owner Liability Acts