One Million Pibble March Washington DC May 3rd, 2014 gains momentum

Please consider attending or supporting the One Million Pibble March against breed specific legislation happening on May 3rd, 2014 in Washington DC. Please see link for further details which includes hotel information and ways YOU can show your support. …Read More

White House Comes Out Against Breed Specific Legislation

With the White House and Obama basing their stance against BSL based on facts maybe small minded politicians will start doing due diligence as opposed to pandering to media hype?…Read More

Blue Jays pitcher Mark Buehrle makes a stand against BSL

KUDOS to Blue Jay Pitcher Mark Buehrle for his advocacy against BSL and promoting responsible dog ownership.  It takes true integrity to make a stand when one has to make such a difficult personal decision to stand by their…Read More

American Dog Magazine Contest for SUPER Hero "Pit Bull" Breed Ambassadors!

Over $30,000 in Prizes. This worthy contest ENDS Friday. PLEASE VOTE today and tomorrow. You can VOTE for more than one dog at a time but only once per day. Let's show America and Canada how many fabulous working, wonderful breed ambassador's there are and…Read More

Hershey's Anti-BSL Group News

READ various articles and stories on current issues involving BSL going in North America in a concise and easily readable format. Subscribe today to Hershey's up to date and informative newsletter published weekly!…Read More

Petition to Ban Discrimination of Dogs Based on Appearance In US.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) AKA Breed Discriminary Laws (BDL) needs to stop. YOU can make a difference by taking a minute to sign and then to pass this petition on.…Read More

Shame on Miss Universe "Canada" for her ignorance

How someone who is trying to make money & Fame of her looks can condem others based on looks is outrageous. Please sign and share the attached…Read More
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