Have A Heart Campaign

Our first annual “Have a Heart” Campaign is underway. This is a GLOBAL Campaign to repeal BSL in Ontario Canada. Asking everyone to join and participate in our Have a Heart Campaign. Please PRINT and SEND a Valentine Card to the Premier of Ontario,…Read More

Bill in Legislature would outlaw pit bull bans

Great News for our USA members. Please lets behind this lady and show our support. A state lawmaker has proposed a bill to undo breed-specific ordinances such as Yakima’s ban on pit bulls. The bill was pre-filed earlier this month by state Rep. Sherry…Read More

One Green Planet Org supports the repeal of Breed Specific Laws

Thanks to One Green Plant for this informative & educational article. How encouraging to have the support of a a non-animal welfare information source organization addressing this issue.…Read More

Huffington Post dedicated a week to educate & improve "pit bull" image awareness

Kudos to the HUFF POST for an amazing week of awareness and education and amazing articles http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/pit-bulls/

Veterinarian speaks out about Ontario Election & BSL

Thanks to Kingston Ontario Veterinarian for this insightful informative blog. http://drryanllera.com/2014/06/10/the-fallacy-of-breed-specific-legislation-bsl/

Messages to share

Please take a moment and view some of the many election posters created to bring awareness to the Ontario Election on June 12th. It is imperative we all take at least one action to be a voice for change. Select and share the one that speaks to you the most.…Read More

Ontario Canada Votes on June 12th Your VOTE is needed

If we are to see the end of Breed Laws in Ontario this coming election needs to remove the Ontario Liberal Party. Your VOTE is so important so imperative, so necessary. If you do not reside in Ontario but a friend or family does, please share and read this…Read More
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