We had a discussion recently and there is a possibility that the Free Spirit may rise from the ashes like the phoenix in our emblem. Should we realise this, there definetely will be a BARACA run in the future. Will keep you posted Jakes


Hi All, I must again state that I am overwhelmed by the response to this cause. We are now 1094 members strong. Thank you to everybody showing their support for this worthy cause - just by joining you are adding a voice to those who cannot speak out about…Read More

Taking Off

After the shaky start we experienced in BARACA (taking a year to reach 100 members), the word is being spread and I am humbled by the response we had in the ast couple of months. I am ecstatic to report that BARACA now has 677 members. Thanks to everybody who…Read More

Goin Places

We started out unsteady, took a year to reach 100 members. We are now at 226 members, we grew by 126 members in 8 months. Thanks to all who took the effort to recruit more members and to spread the word.


We now passed the 200 mark on members - why can a cause such as this not grow similarly to the "causes" created for farmville, etc.?

New Years Wishes

May 2010 be a successful and prosperous year to all. Seize every opportunity and use every difficulty that comes across your path to grow in yourself.

Christmas Wishes

To all members of BARACA, A merry and Blessed Christmas 2009. Thank you for your support. Jakes Koen
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