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New decade - new hope?

Today, just hours ago, another sad incident in Espoo, Finland:

This is not a school shooting, but I have two daughters and I live quite near the scene. Our family is safe, we weren't at the mall at the time.

But I felt an urge to do something, be it as little as altering the name of this cause a bit. I also changed my profile picture, to show support for the affected people and their loved ones. I courage you to do the same. (The candle picture is from Wikimedia Commons and free to use for everyone.) I realize this is not much and it's meaning to anyone very miniscule. But at least it's something and maybe if there's enough people wanting the same thing, something will happen at some point of time.

I am also very confused and scared.

I feel desperate. Are violent mass murders like this something we just have to live with? Is there any hope that the starting new decade will be less bloody as the one we're leaving behind? Are there resonable measures available to prevent or reduce the number of these events in the future?

I wish you all strength and hope. Thank you for joining this cause and talking about the subject. Hug your close ones for a new, healthier and more peaceful year.



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