Sept. 9 FASD Awareness Day 9th month, 9th day to symbolize 9 months of pregnancy

The "inconvenient truth" is the fact that every drink during a pregnancy has the potential to take potential away from the developing baby. If you can get pregnant or are pregnant do not drink any alcohol. Look at the ear on the head of the president on a…Read More

Bremer Grant

Healthy Brains for Children has been awarded our first major grant to develop a sustainable organization from the Bremer Foundation. We will be hiring two staff focused on organizational development, fund-raising, and developing our chapters. Look forward to…Read More

Healthy Brains for Children activites to raise awareness to increase prevention of Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol

The Grand Rapids Chapter of Healthy Brains for Children is holding the first Stroller/Walkathon to increase prevention awareness in Itasca County in Minnesota. The Brainerd Lakes Area Chapter of Healthy Brains in Brainerd, MN, is planning on providing an…Read More

Healthy Brains for Children Awareness Booths in County Fairs

Last year, our first year of our Chapter Initiative, we were in one county fair. This year, we have booths in two county fairs and the summer is not yet over. If we use the typical doubling algorithm, we will be in 512 county fairs within ten years!!!! You…Read More

Beginning the Journey events in Brainerd and Grand Rapids, MN

Two very successful "Beginning the Journey" events were held in Brainerd, MN and Grand Rapids, MN. Dr. Larry Burd brought a prevention message to Brainerd and Dr. Ira Chasnoff brought the prevention message to Grand Rapids. We had to change the venue in Grand…Read More

Beginning the Journey

Register now for our first "Beginning the Journey" events in Brainerd, MN on April 22 and in Grand Rapids, MN on April 23. Dr. Larry Burd, Department of Pediatrics, UND, will be keynoting our Brainerd event. A "Blue Ribbon Panel" of local and statewide…Read More

New Chapter Initiatives

The Healthy Brains for Children Chapter Initiative started about six months ago. A lot has happened in six months. Grand Rapids, MN was the first chapter. Brainerd, MN followed. Culdesac, Idaho and Pocatello, Idaho formed. The Fargo/Moorhead community is…Read More
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