Spread Awareness that Genocide still Exists

"In the Past Two Years, over 200,000 People were massacred, raped, and tourtured, because of what they believed in. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers are dying in the Motherland. 2 Million people have been displaced, and it is not stopping yet. We need to help in everyway we can to stop this murdering and Unite, so we can all have peace. Darfur can be an example that peace and love can prevail. We just have to put our hearts out and help"

Help, for the sake of thier future. Do it for Humankind!

Guys please, if you can... Write any ideas, comments, suggestions, on the Wall.....My Appricaition is enternal..

1. Because Killing People is Wrong-Always has been

2. Would you like someone to kill your loved one because of your beliefs

3. Peace and Liberty should become a universal Right