Criminals ?

I have recently received several emails from people calling me everything from a criminal to some filth I won't repeat. I have broad shoulders and thick skin. Name calling never has bothered me much especially if it's for standing up for something I believe in. Most of the nasty emails I get just make me laugh, I did want to comment on being called a criminal though. Last time I checked, Idaho's constitution and more than likely Montana and Wyoming's as well strictly prohibit any outside government agency from controlling what laws are made in each respective state. If I understand correctly, the federal government broke the law by forcing the introduction of Canadian wolves to any sovereign state. There are some states that have given up their sovereignty(California being one of them). I know Idaho hasn't and unless someone can prove me wrong,I don't think Wyoming or Montana has either. It was never brought to a vote to introduce Canadian wolves to Idaho as my states constitution would require to make the introduction legal. So who are the real criminals here ? I don't condone people breaking legal state laws or promoting violence to another person because of their personal beliefs whether good or bad. I hope all the members have a safe and merry Christmas.


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