New name ideas

After receiving tons of emails from all over the U.S. and even Canada about wolf problems in their areas, I am thinking about changing the name of our cause to include as many places as possible. I can't decide whether to change it to just plain support wolf…Read More

Criminals ?

I have recently received several emails from people calling me everything from a criminal to some filth I won't repeat. I have broad shoulders and thick skin. Name calling never has bothered me much especially if it's for standing up for something I believe…Read More


I am curious as to the number of wolf sightings or wolf kills our members have seen in the past few months. According to an officer for I.F.G I spoke with, he said that starting in Sept, they would start reducing populations everywhere between the snake river…Read More

Thank you

I just wanted to thank all the people that have joined. I was very surprised at how many members our cause has now. It has risen to way beyond my expectations. My hope is that the number of members will continue to grow. I know all of us have jobs,family,…Read More


Just a little note to thank all the members for supporting and recruiting. I am in the process of updating with new pictures and info. I do have a question for all members. Has anyone been offended by the photos I have on the site. Your thoghts and opinions…Read More


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