To Keep Hickory Mail From Going To Greensboro To Be Processed


Local Postal Service Operations Could Be Cut

On February 9, 2011, the united states postal service notified the workers at the hickory processing and distribution center that they were initiating a study to cease operations at our facility and move all mail processing currently done in Hickory to Greensboro. this proposed cut in service could cause the mail you send and receive to be delayed.

Why This Matters To You As A Consumer Or Business:

1. If Approved This Could Mean Every Piece Of Mail You Drop At any Post Office, Collection Box or Mailbox in the 286 zip code, could End Up being Delayed.
2. Instead of being processed locally, Your mail would be trucked To Greensboro over 80 miles away to be processed.
3. Important Mail Including Bill Payments, Medical Documents, greeting cards, Checks And Other time sensitive Documents Will Not Reach their Destination On Time Anymore & Mail Sent To You Including Bills, Paychecks & Other Valuable items Will Take Longer To Reach You.
4. The Hickory Processing & Distribution Plant Won Over 9 Awards In 2008, 2 of which were for Being Number 1 In The Entire Nation In Terms Of Efficiency & on time Performance. In 2010 the hickory plant was number 2 in the nation out of almost 400, and so far in 2011 it is number 3.
5. Without Any Public Input Or Questions, Don’t Let Your Bills And Other Mail Be Late Without A Fight.
6. We have over 200 Jobs at stake With This Move, Our Area Cannot Afford To Lose More Jobs

How You Can Help Save Your Award Winning Service:

1. we are Asking Everyone To Send A Letter To The Address Below To Let The them Know How You Feel About possible cuts to this important public service.
2. we are also urging you to Contact Your Local Mayor, Senators & Other Representatives & Tell Them how Important This Is To You & Demand That They Take Action!



EMAIL ADDRESS – [email protected]

TELEPHONE – 202-224-6342


EMAIL ADDRESS – [email protected]

TELEPHONE – 828-327-6100


EMAIL ADDRESS – [email protected]

TELEPHONE - 1-877-703-2087

Contact Information:
Consumer Affairs Manager
USPS Greensboro District
PO BOX 27499
Greensboro, NC 27498-9631

1. Hickory Is The Number 1 Mail Processing Plant In America

2. This May Delay Your Mail!

3. Loss Of 200 Jobs Is Likely

4. Your Mail Will Be Trucked Over 90 Miles Away To Be Processed

5. Any Mail Dropped At Any Post Office, Collection Box, Or Your Mailbox In The 286 Zip Code Will Be Affected