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Feed a Horse Campaign & Holistic Horse Workshop!

It feels like Fall is in the air already. Nights are getting cooler, the sun is going down faster and our heat wave is waning. We have had a few adoptions recently for lucky horses like Andy, Cinderella, and Bandit. The other horses wait for their owners to come adopt them...the perfect owners. That wait takes time and money to feed the horses. We need your help. Every dollar helps!

The 48 horses of FalconRidge Equine Rescue are in very much need of trims from our farrier and funds are needed for that. Our vets have been out taking care of the horses the last few months, and donations are needed for that large bill if you can spare a few dollars. Hay prices continue to rise and our bill is very large and needs to be paid off. Equine rescues across the country are strapped for funds and we are no different. Times are tough but we are willing to help as many horses as we can....that is why we have 48! We place them into good homes and are very successful, but need your help to be able to continue to do so. Do not let FalconRidge become another statistic of an equine rescue who has to shut down due to not enough donations coming in!

We are asking for help for feeding the horses in our care. Your $20 donation will buy a bale of hay, which will feed one medium sized horse for 6 days. All the horses that have arrived in emaciated states have put on weight and no longer have ribs showing. We do not take 6 to 12 months to get a horse up to weight, we do it in at least 3 months! If you have followed our cause through the years you know how we make a difference in so many lives.

Please consider donating $1, $5, $10 or more dollars today. You will be directly helping horses eat such as Puddin, Brownie, Zara, Flicka, Rowdy, Dartagnon, Bullseye, Falcon and more!

Join us for the first annual Southern California Holistic Horse Workshop this September 8th at the Valenti Estate in Rancho Santa Fe, California to see 8 alternative medicine practitioners do demonstrations on how to get horses healthy and out of pain, a fundraiser for FalconRidge Equine Rescue! We need donations desperately!

Thank you for caring, donating and helping us help those who cannot speak, the HORSES!

Nicki, President
FalconRidge Equine Rescue

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