Richie Hayward, the drummer for legendary band 'Little Feat' has been diagnosed with a severe liver disease. He has no insurance and is facing huge medical bills.

Richie Hayward, legendary drummer for‘Little Feat’ who are celebrating their 40th year on the road, is having to take an indefinite amount of time off in order to treat liver cancer.

In the year to come, he will be facing treatments, a liver transplant, no work, no income, and no insurance. So please help, and contribute whatever you can. The money you donate will go directly to Richie and his family.

Here are the ways you can help:

1: Go to the Richie Hayward benefit eBay store - http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Richie-Hayward-Benefit-Fund__W0QQ_armrsZ1, and buy a t-shirt or bid on one of the many items available for auction.

2: Give a donation to "Sweet Relief Musicians Fund" - www.sweetrelief.org, and they will make sure the money gets to Richie.

3: Donate via "ChipIn" at the Richie Hayward Benefit web site - http://www.richiehaywardbenefit.com/contributions.html

4: Follow the instructions on the "contributions" page and send a check directly to Richie.

Thank you for your support.

1. http://www.richiehaywardbenefit.com

2. http://www.sweetrelief.org