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Stillbirth Happens

Stillbirth is VERY real it can happen to any woman no matter how healthy or how easy her pregnancy is.
Stillbirth can come with NO WARNING SIGNS!!!!!
I know I am a Mother who lost her 3rd baby to Stillbirth.
I wanted to start a cause so people can talk freely about stillbirth, lets share our stories to help make others aware of how common this is.

The recent Stats in Australia are 1 in 140 Babies are Stillborn EVERY YEAR!!!! Why so High? Why Don't we know the stats when we are pregnant......because no-one wants to believe anything can go wrong, so they only read about the good things to know.
Well you NEED to know what can and does sometimes goes wrong.
I would NEVER wish losing a child on anyone as it is the most heartbreaking thing to go through.
Sometimes people say the wrong things when a Woman gives birth to a Stillborn, like "at least you didn't lose them after they were born" or "it wasn't meant to be".
Those are things We DON'T want to hear.
Thats why I and many other Mums i know want to educate people about Stillbirth, we WANT to talk about our babies and let people know the risks.

I know i want to honour my Daughter Hayley's Memory by spreading the word about Stillbirth.....

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