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Stillbirth Happens

Stillbirth still happens in 2009!! its just such a Taboo subject that nobody wants to talk about it, which i VERY sad and it also makes me angry.
I had a baby who was Stillborn.
Hayley was our 3rd baby i had No problems during pregnancy and yet she was Born Sleeping for an unknown reason at 38 weeks and 2 days on Dec 14th 2007.
When Hayley was Born the stillbirth stat rates were 1 in 200 babies are stillborn every year!!! Thats TOO HIGH...and then 2008's stats came out that 1 in 140 babies ae stillborn in Australia....WHY??????
50% of those are UNEXPLAINED!!!!

Please invite all your friends and family to join this cause. When i was pregnant with my babies i was given any info at the hospital re stillbirth. WE ALL NEED TO BE MORE WELL INFORMED!!!!

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