Help our most underpriveledged high school students prepare for, get into and succeed in college

From the D.C. schools fewer than 30% of students go to college and only 9% graduate from college. This leaves a vast majority of students unprepared for life in which 70% of jobs now require some form of postsecondary education. Reach for College! believes all students should aim for some form of education beyond high school to have the best shot at life. We believe all students can be successful with enough determination. We believe it?s important to help low-income students because our society needs them to be educated, contributing members of their communities. We all need their vibrancy, their caring hearts, and their good ideas. Reach for College! was founded in 2005 by two urban educators who saw the need and created a highly successful means to help traditionally disadvantaged students over the obstacles to college.

Programs: The Reach for College! program and books, that were specially developed for our target population of low-income students who will likely be the first in their families to pursue postsecondary education, cover all of the college access and college preparation tasks. These include:
-Career exploration and researching the educational path to chosen careers
-SAT prep
-College selection and application
-Study skills and time-management
-College-level reading and essay-writing
-FAFSA/Financial aid and scholarship applications
-Employability and interview skills
-What to expect at college and how to successfully make the transition
In schools, the program is offered as a class that the student takes as part of his or her regular daily schedule. It is taught by a teacher at the school who has been trained by Reach for College! Frequent on-site classroom assistance is provided by Reach for College! to assure excellent implementation of the program.

1. A college education is essential for everyone

2. College puts one on a new trajectory for a more productive, rewarding and fullfilling life

3. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a college education share an obligation to help those who don't