Increase the number of bone marrow donors, espeically among minorities.

Please help us save people's lives!

It is important that as many Indians/minorities join the Bone Marrow Registry NOW to maximize a leukemia patient's chances of finding a suitable donor.

How Do I Help?
We are asking all of you to please register at the Bone Marrow Website to help as many leukemia patients as possible. Please help spread the word. Finding a bone marrow donor is very rare, which is why
it is so important that as many people register as possible. You can easily register with the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) Registry at



. The procedure to register is less than a minute and is not invasive, just a simple swab of the mouth. The
NMDP recommends that people read about the actual marrow donation procedure on the website before registering.

Please go register and tell your friends!

Thank You!

1. Becoming a Bone Marrow donor can save a life.

2. Racial and Ethnic diversity among donors is needed.