$1 to Spread the Gospel

Teon BrothaRemixx Willis just posted a video to your cause, I Have decided to STAND for Christ!! (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/331922?m=ec23241e): How do you impact 1,000,000 people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Lost Coin has a plan... Thanks, Teon…Read More

See the STAND Movement in Action

Hello everyone and thanks for joing the cause. If you havent already done so, please read the previous announcements for the cause (they are not long!!) to get a better idea of what the STAND Movement is all about (Its so much more than just a facebook…Read More

Learn More...

Hey everyone. Thank you for STANDing and showing your faith. I want you to know that this is much bigger than just a facebook cause. Please take the time to read the announcements on the cause page (there's only 4 and they are short), it will give you a…Read More

The STAND movement

Hey everyone. I just wanted you to know what you are now a part of. This is not just another random facebook group or cause...but this is a part of a much larger movement...a much larger vision God has given me. Part of the STAND movement is the street…Read More

Thank you for STANDing

I know you get a million requests to join causes, but i wanted to thank you for joining this one. Sometimes I feel like Elijah, and I wonder if there are any TRULY BOLD christians left. So I started this facebook cause... Believe with me, work with me, help…Read More

To all BOLD Christians

Thank you for joining this cause. In just 2 days, we have over 36 members...and thanks to you, we are growing fast! Believe with me...1,000,000 BOLD Christians on Facebook...I do believe we can do it, if we work together. I cant find them alone, and neither…Read More

Welcome to the cause!

I know we are living in the last days, yet I believe we can find 1,000,000 people that will still STAND for Christ. The scripture says 1 can chase a thousand, 2 can chase ten thousand, so imagine the power 1,000,000 bold believers will have! Imagine us all…Read More

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