Do you have an idea for a mini-bus route? Plot it on a map

Another week has comes to a close. But on Monday, many of us have to hit the chaotic, congested and polluted road again for the daily commute. The TN Government says it wants to help us with mini-buses, Metro/Mono later. But does it have any idea of where…Read More

Crowdmap for Chennai mini-bus plan - public suggestions

This Crowdmap using the Ushahidi platform helps the public make suggestions on what places could be covered through mini-bus routes planned by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The mini-bus scheme could reduce congestion by eliminating many cars & bikes. Log…Read More

Free Transport as a concept

It is heartening that the theme of Free Public Transport is now a fit subject for a report in the mainstream media. The Hindu recently featured it in a column: What is distressing is the…Read More

The pioneering 50

Dear all, Thank you for being the pioneering members of this forum. We are now 50, and in the days to come, we will expand to include thousands more. Do post your experiences, your ideas, raves and rants here - and importantly, spread the word. Anant

Moving forward on CUMTA, integration

Only a day ago, we looked at the delay in signing of an MoU by the Tamil Nadu Government with the Centre, to facilitate the infusion of funds for the Chennai Metro. Today, the Mayor of Chennai, Mr. M. Subramanian has said the project is on schedule. Read the…Read More

Chennai Metro suffers for want of MoU

Dear all, Thanks for your support to the cause, the relevance of which will become more evident in the months ahead as we suffer from gridlock everywhere. The report in the media says Tamil Nadu has not yet signed an MoU with the Centre, to avail Rs.652…Read More

India is playground for world vehicle makers

It is by now clear that the major automakers of the world are homing in on China and India, to maintain their bottomlines. We remember that when the US operations of GM and Ford were hit, it was their overseas units that turned into a lifeline. It is also…Read More
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