Many believe the Amish take great care of their animals. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Amish are one of the largest in the puppymill business.

The Amish represent one of the largest puppymill groups in the USA.
Here are just the number of mills in Lancaster County, Pa.
100-199 adult dogs = 29
200-299 adult dogs = 6
300-399 adult dogs = 7
400-500 adult dogs = 2
Over 500 adult dogs = 2
By refusing to purchase Amish goods, it is possible to force them to trade in another commodity. Puppies are not a commodity anyone should tolerate. Tell everyone what the Amish are doing. Join the cause to educate and spread the word to boycott.

1. Shutdown puppymills by refusing to purchase any Amish goods until it stops.

2. http://www.awawatchdog.com/0205/index.htm

3. By making public the Amish puppymill business, you can help educate and take a step closer to ending the plight of these suffering dogs.